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Abigail Drew's Writer's Journal


The following blog entries are all related to Abigail Drew's efforts at sharing the stories of the characters who come to her for release to the world. Also any other writing efforts, in the case of the few milieu driven stories she may write. Further included is a file on Abigail's personal diary.

Magic is... [Season 1 Catch-up]

The following pages were 'borrowed' from the desk of Hannah Cooper for your voyeuristic pleasure.
All slurs and 'stupids' given are the opinion of Hannah Cooper and in no-way represent my own personal opinions or even reality itself sometimes.

Hannah's first Log-Book


Swap at Failure (one page RPG)

Swap By Failure is designed as a one-page pen and paper that has all necessary rules to play it on just one page. For this game, there is no general setting, but I recommend a normal non-magical world on the height of our current civilization and normal everyday people as player characters.

The Winjkte and the Warrior - Glossary

Please bear with me in this endeavor. For some common English phrases, there are no translations (at least none of which I'm aware, anyway), so I took a few liberties, although the translations are (I hope) as accurate as possible. Any error in translation is mine alone, and if you know of a better translation, please PM me and I'll make the necessary changes.

First, the characters themselves:

The Saga of the Warrior Princess Chapter Links

Chapter links for the Saga of the Warrior Princess – the story of those aboard the Visund

Anmarian Appendices
Part 3.1

The Saga of the Warrior Princess

Anmar's Cast of Characters, Gazetteer, Glossary and Index

The all-encompassing general reference for the stories set on Anmar


Anmarian Appendices
Part 0

Gazetteer, Index, and Cast of Characters
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