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South of Bikini 4: Episode 9- A New Home

When last we left Alex, she was calling for assistance just before losing consciousness. Will the Empress and her sisters succeed in relocating the deposed Egyptians to a new home? Has Alex unlocked another facet of her gift that will finally allow her to apprehend Clemson? If so, at what cost? Read on to see if the Empress of Time and Space can triumph over evil once again.

When Worlds Collide

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile I’m sorry my muse ran away.  But she’s back with a vengeance and a new story just won’t leave until I get it written. I might finis “The Night” series but it has been placed on the back burner.
So anyway here is the first part of my new story When Worlds Collide, enjoy and please leave comments and thumbs up if you like it, please also remember that this is a work of fiction!

When Worlds Collide
Part 1

Shadowsblade: Pixie partner

Shadowsblade comes back and A pixie is made happy in this one!

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Jaci and dottie the beginning....maybe

In a little house on the edge of somewhere huddles a little child under blankets with a small plastic fairy on a broken base found recently in the snow.

"Please fairy make me a girl" says the small child.

one year later

"Please fairy make me a girly girl!"

Another year later

"Please fairy make me a girly girl"

by this time the plastic fairy is rather worn. It's pink and blue paint long gone from all the praying.

South of Bikini 4: Episode 8- Exodus II

With things quickly deteriorating in Egypt, can Alex and her sisters keep Pharaoh and his royal family alive long enough to make it back to the Temple of the Sun to begin their politically-driven journey to their next life? How does a very, very…VERY, abstract chess match figure into their pre-procession preparations? Only time will tell.

South of Bikini 4: Episode 7- Exodus I

With their secondary mission complete, good deeds done, and shore leave coming to an end, Alex and company turn their attention back to their pursuit of Clemson. Has the time thief gone too far by stirring up Pharaoh’s people and how does a reunion between captain, pilot, and starship figure into Khufu and Anna Beth’s future?

A Matter of Fact: Epilogue

This is a wrap on the A Matter of Fact story arc; Cameron's origin story.

Cameron is only a peripheral character here, as I wanted to explore a different facet.

The story is a bit more intense - I needed to see if my pen could handle it.

Please see comments on Part 7 for direction to view it if you are having a problem.

A Matter of Fact: pt 7

Cameron learns some of the finer points of being part of a team as the trial finally gets underway, and he gets welcomed to Whateley.

This story occurs within the Whateley Academy Universe, hopefully none of the other students have been harmed in its telling.

Not all devices can view this file, I regret if yours is one of those.

A Matter of Fact: pt 6

Eastward bound and determined, Cameron travels to meet the future and gets a surprise along the way.

Honestly this part of the story has been the most fun to write, I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Since this is a series story, the characters and situations may need you to be familiar with the previous parts.

The setting takes place within the Whateley Academy Universe, from off the hard work of others I get to skip about telling this story.

A Matter of Fact: pt 5

Cameron takes the first steps along the road to Whateley, retracing her families last day and facing the empty place left behind.

Sometimes a fledgling leaves the nest and winds up taking a tumble and bouncing off the ground a few times before discovering it's wings, that scene inspired this story and seems to fit.

This series of stories is based upon the Whateley Academy Universe, with all due acknowledgment to the authors who made it a fun place to visit.

This format may not load onto all devices: sorry if yours cannot access it.


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