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Moving forward (at last!)...

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Everyone is posting pictures, I'll give it a try. I am still in male mode, but this is week 3 of HRT for me. Changes from the current photo include new studs (time to train my ears don't you know) and I am mostly wearing womans jeans now, like anyone but me can tell the difference.

They finally decided to give us Christmas vacation at work, after telling us repeatedly it wasn't happening. Good enough, I needed the down time.

This is me and my boy around 2004, he is the only reason I am still here.

Stlll gaining ground

Well, I hit a new low, a good one. I am now down to 192 pounds, and holding. Now to get through Thanksgiving without putting any on, which is almost inevitable, but I have managed to keep the controlled loss going so far. I am planning stopping just short of anorexia, say under 170 pounds, then letting HRT put the fat back on where it will.

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