Sexual changes

Dear Diary-Life's Changes Happen And Now I Know Why

I understand that my body is changing. I did not ask for it to change, it is happening anyways. My testosterone levels have been dropping for about ten years now (I'll be 57 in 2 months) and that is normal. But since my wife died 7 years ago I have not slept well. I usually get 3-5 hrs of sleep, in the past few months it's more like 3-6 hrs. Rarely do I sleep more than 6 hrs. I recently investigated the causes of low testosterone in men and found that age 40+ the levels decrease, this is natural.

Dear Diary-Life's Changes Happen And Our Choices Are Limited

I have come to a crossroads in my life and have made a decision. It is life altering but it is a decision I must make.

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