New Kindle eBook and new Imprint!

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I am very happy to announce a not only new Kindle eBook but a new'ish "imprint", the Sapphire's Place Quickie!

Manny of our best authors have given s great reading it the "short-form", rather than full size novel or novellas, so to this , we give the world the "Quickie".

Heroes of Justice is on Kindle!

I did it! After a few bumps in the road I finally got my first novel up on Kindle. Heroes of Justice was one of the entries to Erin's 'What's So novel' contest. Do yourself a favor and look up the other entries! There's some real good stuff there!

As for my book, you'll have to input the whole name along with my author name to find it. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about marketing this thing when I wrote it. There's only about million titles that has Heroes and Justice in them.

'Heroes of Justice' Grover Young

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