coming out

Well, I basically just outed myself

So, I have basically just COMPLETELY outed myself to my mum, by accident. How? You may ask. She had just come round to drop off a few things, unannounced. She then stated that she was dying to pee (to hide the fact that she wanted to inspect my flat, of which she has no right). So I let her past the door to go. The first thing she saw was my loungeroom's mess to which she said "oh my god" and I replied "ha, it's about to get much worse". She then delivered another "Oh My God" with a lot more.....honesty.

An Unreaction

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Well yesterday (Sunday) I came out to my folks, their reaction ... Oh ok ... Are you sure? ... This is going to make your life even harder ... etc ... no screaming, no shouting just acceptance (with a large side order confusion)

So. Yaayness I'm out to my folks, I'm just waiting for the local NHS trust to put my referral through the Charring Cross GIC and so far all systems are go. Now if only I could have my Benefits run as smoothly :(

Happy Huggles
Sammi (who is one step closer to being one with herself :))

Lana Wachowski at the Human Rights Campaign

The headline is kind of sensational but the video is of Lana Wachowski accepting the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign. She talks about being accepted, coming out and that sometimes you need to do something for others. She's funny, even when relating the bad times and obviously uncomfortable . It's about a half hour long.

I'm in the middle of reading Cloud Atlas at the moment and recommend it to all. It's not your standard novel - the movie opens Friday.


I am slowly walking down the path, fearfully, afraid, but moving forward.

The depression has receded, but it still lurks. Having accepted that I will probably transition, just not today, seems to have taken a load off. My boy says he thinks I am becoming much happier. I think he is right.

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