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Mercy Chapter 20

Mercy Chapter 20.

A couple of days later, Faith’s magic teacher asked her to come back after her last class of the day.

When she got to the magic building, she was shocked to see Richard standing beside her teacher.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“I believe Richard here will be very useful when you face Brand.” Faith’s teacher said.

“Richard? How can you help?”

“Well, er .. Faith, my power - I can contact Brand and help him expel Vendetta.”

“That’s fantastic!”

Mercy Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Previously ...

“Faith! I think we’ve found a way to flush Brand out!”

And now ...

“What? Really?” Faith exclaimed.

“Yeah, come on, our magic teachers will help explain.” Arwen said.

The two girls went to the magic building, and came into a room where several teachers were waiting for them.

“Arwen said you guys might have found a way to track Brand?” Faith asked once they were seated.

Mercy Chapter 6

Mercy Chapter 6

The next day was as busy as Talia told her it would be.

She spent the morning taking tests in mundane subjects like Math and English so they could place her in the proper classes. Then they sent her to the campus store to pick up textbooks and other supplies with a line of credit given to her by Mrs. Carson.

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