Whateley Universe

The Girl with the Silver Scales - Prologue

So this is my first attempt at writing a story for the Whateley Universe. I originally started this several years ago but after a few chapters I found myself with serious writers block. Recent stories on here and on the Whateley site have encouraged me to reattempt the story. This is only the prologue. There is hopefully much more to come. Of course any help would be appreciated and if you spot any mistakes or issues don't hesitate to let me know. I will apologise in advance if I have made any mistakes with the lore.

Mercy chapter 1


This is fan fiction of the Whateley Academy universe. I hope you like it.

No one noticed the smaller boy with the thick glasses as he navigated the hallways of his high school.

Which was exactly how he wanted it.

Being invisible beat the alternative.

His name was Matthew Marshall, and he had dealt with enough pain already, so he had no desire to add to it by getting attention.

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