Eldorado part 1.

Eldorado…part one.

Chile 1855….

It’d been a long damned tired trip from home to Chile and I’d thought that I’d left all the excitement and the drama of America behind me. Well guess not, I just came to find out that South America was still an America of a sorts.

Just as wild, and just as filled with its own dangers. Like the tsunami that hit here a week or so ago. I wasn’t here but riding through the countryside the last few days I’ve seen plenty of things that really show the power of nature.

Part of me honestly wants to stop and help a few of these folks but one I’m a gringo until they take in that I’m a woman or that I look like one, then there’s the fact I’m white and American and a senorita.

Yep…heard right.

I look like a girl.

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