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I was just watching the news and they reported there is a new scam out right now. Here in the States it's tax time. Apparently the scammers are sending out an email that appears to be from officials concerning filing your taxes online. In the email are the usual nasties, malware/viruses, that steal your pertinent information. Please be very careful. Bad guys are out there so what your butts my sisters and brothers. See link below.

Computer issues, BCTS, and viruses

We all have them. Lately I've been getting lag. I usually do a scan about once a month, more if I need it.

Having had a sex starved teen I have had the chance to get lots of experience fixing various problems. After a while I made him fix his various problems, and kept him off my machine. Anyone who has a kid knows how well that works, they usually do what they want to, and deal with the consequences later.

Mine learned quite early I could access the cache through the house network. It saved me a lot of issues, though I don't think he was impressed.

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