Valentine Divergence

You Could Go Home Again, part 16 of 16 (end)

“Come in... did it fall through, what you had planned with your friend who was coming back early...?”


“You’re the friend who was coming back early,” she said, putting her arms around me. “I love my family, but I’ve had enough of their chaperoning to last me a while.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 15 of 16

Katie had told me some about her family during our dates, and I pieced together more from what people said during the weekend. Katie’s dad had stayed male for the first five years after the Divergence, and he and Katie’s mom had married Gus a year or so afterward, who’d been his best friend, and changed into a woman right after the Divergence. Then five years ago, Katie’s dad became female as well, and rather than break up the family, they decided they’d all stay together and find another man, and if they took too long to find one, maybe one of them would turn male. They married Katie’s stepdad Iris a little over a year later, and things had been stable since then except for a couple of the children changing sex when starting a new grade.

You Could Go Home Again, part 13 of 16

I got the phone call just after lunch, and I was late to my next class, sitting in a restroom stall until I got my tears under control. I couldn’t concentrate to pay attention to my afternoon classes anyway; I might as well have skipped them.

You Could Go Home Again, part 12 of 16

“I’m ready,” I said firmly, though I wasn’t quite sure I was. I’d been on the birth control pills long enough for them to be effective, anyway, and if I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t have the chance for months. Of course, once I was thousands of miles from the nearest Raleigh rabbit pheromones, I might not want to anymore... but I wasn’t thinking about that.

You Could Go Home Again, part 11 of 16

“If you go off and leave her alone while you dance, maybe you don’t deserve her.”


“She’s still my girlfriend even if we’re not glued at the hip every minute. Go away.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 10 of 16

“How far do you think you want to go this time?”


“I still can’t have sex,” I said. “But... I wouldn’t mind if Larry put his hands on me, in some more exciting places than my hands and shoulders... and I’d like to touch him more too...?”

You Could Go Home Again, part 08 of 16

“I’m not an expert on Raleigh rabbit body language, but I’ve been here long enough to figure out that when your ears are twitching like that, something’s wrong. You’re nervous about something.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 07 of 16

“Look,” I said, “I know this is a shock to you, and maybe I’m expecting too much for you to get over it in a day or so. God knows it’s taken me several months to get used to the idea of being a girl... But what about if we pause the game, and you just stare at me for as long as it takes for you to get it out of your system? Instead of, you know, glancing at me out of the corner of your eye and then trying to pretend you weren’t looking.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 06 of 16

“It’s okay if you call me a boy and ‘he’,” I said. “Or girl and ‘she’, either way. I’m wearing skirts for now but I think I’ll go back to pants when I stop growing and can buy stuff that will fit me long-term.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 05 of 16

Later, when we were getting ready for bed, Radhika said: “So, has my brother made another conquest?”


“No,” I said, my ears twitching. “He’s... I guess he’s kind of hot, but he’s too old for me.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 04 of 16

“I thought I was getting used to the idea of being a girl, but... I guess I wasn’t as used to it as I thought.”


“Hmm. You said you’d wanted to be a boy. Why do you care which you are?”


“I was a boy before the Divergence. And... I’ve lived as a boy ever since, even though I technically wasn’t. My aunt and uncle and all the kids at school treated me like a boy, and the idea of being a girl is hard to get used to even though I’ve known for a long time that it might happen.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 03 of 16

“It’s official,” I told Amy when I got back from the shower. “I’m going to be a girl.”


“Oh,” she said, and then she came over and sat next to me on my bed. “Are you going to be okay?”


“I... I think so. It’s something to have the uncertainty out of the way. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to take before I have to start wearing bras and, um, and tampons. And start noticing boys.” Or maybe girls, but that wasn’t likely.

You Could Go Home Again, part 02 of 16

“It’s too late to back out. Even if I got on a train to Nebraska tomorrow, I’ve still been exposed to enough Raleigh rabbit pheromones that I’m going to go through puberty one way or another.”

You Could Go Home Again, part 01 of 16

“And be sure to tell us as soon as you know how you’re changing,” Aunt Ellen said, an anxious look on her face.


“Of course.”


“And... if you develop into a girl, be sure to remember everything I told you.”

You Could Go Home Again


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Joel is eighteen, and just about to start college. But he hasn't gone through puberty yet because he grew up in isolation from others of his species. He's looking forward to growing up and developing a gender and a sexual orientation, though he's a bit apprehensive that he might be a girl; that could take some getting used to.

Nora and the Nomads, part 4 of 4

They put one last pan of cookies in the oven, and Nora concentrated for a few moments on the way she wanted them to look, feel and taste before pulling them out again. “All ready,” she announced after taking a bite of a snickerdoodle. “Let’s go.”

Nora and the Nomads, part 3 of 4

The minotaur in the petting zoo was an adorable toddler-calf, at least the last time Nora had seen him — not this creature out of nightmares. And at his side, there was something even more terrible, a vast maw full of fangs and slavering tongues with no body attached; it hovered along keeping pace with the minotaur and its prey. “This won’t do,” Nora said.

Nora and the Nomads, part 2 of 4

She was obviously acutely embarrassed by her nakedness, though none of the dream-people standing around her were taking any obvious notice of it. Nora took pity on her and said, pitching her voice to carry over the music: “Talrasia, have you noticed that you’re dreaming?” Then she turned her eyes respectfully away.

Nora and the Nomads, part 1 of 4

Nora had been terrified, in those first few days after the Divergence when everyone’s thoughts were leaking indiscriminately into everyone else’s, that everyone would treat her like a pariah once they knew about her.

A House Divided, part 1 of 7

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------
We used the men’s room — I felt vaguely guilty about that, but I was too embarrassed to use the ladies' room, and we both still looked male, as long as we had clothes on.

A House Divided

by Trismegistus Shandy

Part 1 of 7

Admin Note: This story is one of the rarer forms of tg fiction we have on the site involving species transformation, or half transformations and have come across really strong and hold their own despite the technique. I hope those of you who do not normally read this type of tg story would give this one a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. ~Sephrena.

A House Divided, part 7 of 7

“Most of you already know Jeffrey Sergeyev,” Ms. Turner said in a loud voice. “She will be using the girls' facilities from now on, as I explained Friday. Please be courteous to her.”

“Ignore the bit where she called me ‘she’ and ‘her’,” I said to the girls nearest me.

A House Divided, part 6 of 7

“Sir,” I said, trying to stay calm and respectful, “could you please ask Ms. Turner not to refer to me with female pronouns?”

“Well,” he said, “we have to use some pronoun or other. Perhaps one of the English teachers can recommend a good gender-neutral pronoun.”

A House Divided, part 5 of 7

“I know there would be problems with you using the girls’ bathrooms or showers,” Dad said, “but — after today, there might be just as bad problems showering with the other boys.”

A House Divided, part 4 of 7

“I can’t,” Arnie said. “Keith and Tara Saunders invited me to a party at their house. I asked if you could come, but they said it’s centaurs only,” he went on, looking vaguely embarrassed.

“Have fun,” I said. I felt weird about that, and wondered if things like that were going to happen often, and if so, if this was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

The Valentine Divergence


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The Valentine Divergence
Setting notes

by Trismegistus Shandy

Updated 2015/9/15 re: neospecies featured in "Nora and the Nomads", and other telepathic neospecies

Before I start talking about the world in which my stories “Butterflies are the Gentlest” and “A House Divided” are set (warning: this will contain spoilers for those stories), let me clear up a couple of possible misunderstandings. This isn’t exactly a “story bible” like the writers of Star Trek episodes or tie-in books have to religiously adhere to, or a set of “rules” like those that ElrodW wrote for his MAU setting.

A House Divided, part 3 of 7

“I don’t like this,” Mom said. “I don’t see how you can keep it up, and the longer you manage to pretend, the more people are going to be hurt and offended when they find out you lied to them.”

I was starting to worry that she might be right, but I wasn’t going to back out unless she and Dad forced my hand by telling people.

A House Divided, part 2 of 7

Dad snuggled in next to Mom on the sofa; she put aside the skirt she was working on and they hugged and kissed, but I thought I saw a little bit of hesitation, and it hurt. I knew too many kids at school whose parents were divorced, or looked like they might get a divorce any time now, and I was happy to think that my parents looked like the sticking-together kind. But when I saw her hesitate a little before letting him hug her and kiss her, it worried me. Could they still stay together after changing in such drastic and different ways? And if not, what would happen to me?

A House Divided


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A House Divided

by Trismegistus Shandy

This short novel (43,800 words) is in the same setting as my earlier novelette “Butterflies are the Gentlest.” They take place simultaneously, but there are no characters in common; I reckon you could read them in either order. I’m calling the setting itself “the Valentine Divergence”; if anyone else wants to write stories in this setting, feel free.

Butterflies are the Gentlest

Butterflies are the Gentlest

by Trismegistus Shandy

The wedding was almost over when it happened. Whatever 'it' is; we're starting to figure out what but we still don't know how or why.

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