USS Sand Dollar

South of Bikini 3: Episode 9- Things that go bump...

Resuming their original mission- that of finding Prof. Samuel’s missing Time Machine- Alex and company participate in a ghost hunt, where they provide most of the paranormal activity. How much will the Empress allow her fellow ‘poltergeists’ to enjoy the ‘witching hour’? How much will their newest sister, Akane, influence the mission? Later, Alex and Jack attend Prof. Samuels’ theoretical science lecture masquerading as her keynote speakers.

South of Bikini 2: E10- Setting the Past Right

An offer is made to the women of U103. While giving as much information via a meeting with Grand High Counsel Tibius, Alex tries to fulfill one of the rescued German officer’s wishes- to say goodbye to his wife- who, in 2029, is long deceased. Will the Empress succeed in saving another lost soul?

South of Bikini 2: E9- To Save an Old Friend

Alex and Emily continue their Recon mission to 1917 Hartford. After which Sand Dollar takes a trip to the North Atlantic. What manner of chaos could a wave cause for Capt. Steinert and her crew and how could it possibly affect the timeline?

South of Bikini 2: E6- Out of the fire, a hero

Continuing her mission to 1945 Poland, Alex must find a way to safely secret the Meridian Spacecraft and her team out of the heavily defended Wonderwerks facility and preserve the precious timeline. Will she be able to rescue the hundreds of lost souls locked away in the Wenceslas Mine? Can Alex rescue one very lost, very confused soul in particular?

South of Bikini 2: E3- Mission to Infamy

With Sand Dollar assigned to escort duty, Captain Steinert and her sisters take on their most demanding mission to date. Can Alexandra successfully complete a mission seemingly doomed from the onset?

South of Bikini 2: E2- Danger, Developments, and Confusion

There appears to be a stow-away within USS Detroit’s crew. After returning Sand Dollar to 1944, Alex mysteriously collapses. Finding herself back in 1942 and in someone else’s body, can she maintain the timeline as she remembers it or will things spiral into nightmare? Can Alex find a way to save one of her beloved sisters?

South of Bikini 2: E1- Revelations

We rejoin the Empress of Time and Space in Reilly Research Station’s Infirmary where two survivors of the ill-fated invasion force recuperate. A mysterious message received by CINCPAC causes more to be revealed about the Sisters of Kili and Alex must both hold and fold her cards with regards to members of the USS Detroit’s crew. Might the recently neutralized Janelle Hathor still have an ace up her sleeve, though?

South of Bikini: E10- Conference of the Empress

The first gathering of the three- figuratively- Empresses quickly degrades into a trap for Alex, her sisters, and the Admiral. After a hasty retreat, Alex and what is left of her original travel party must regroup and plan the liberation of Kili Island carefully. Relatively, can the present save the past in the future?

South of Bikini: E9- The Evil

While recruiting a new sister Alex and Jack witness firsthand how the smallest assumption made in another dimension can be lethal to the Empress and her sisters. Can Alex redeem herself and turn mistake into success? Can the Sisterhood make a slight difference in the war without revealing themselves?

South of Bikini: E8- Terra

A daring escape by the six Japanese prisoners requires Alex spreading her ‘wings’ even farther as she takes her kidnappers off-world. What surprises await Alex and her sisters on the strange, alien world? Two new members of Alex Reilly’s team witness firsthand why the ‘Sisters of Kili’ should never be underestimated.

South of Bikini: E6- First Mission

Alex, Jack, and Ricky Lynn’s trip to the future continues as the trio learns more about their future selves. The cure for Randi Van Pelt’s mysterious illness is just as strange. Alex goes on her first mission as ‘Empress’ and finds that sometimes, they don’t end as expected. Which is more of a headache: the missions, friends, or family, and can the pharmaceutical companies keep up with the demand for aspirin?

South of Bikini: E5- Travel for Friends and Family

Alex Steinert’s strange new life continues to develop as the ‘Empress of Time and Space’ spreads her wings and enlarges the crew of Sand Dollar. She learns firsthand what her newfound ‘gift’ can do even as one crewmember’s developing gift may have tragic results.

South of Bikini: E4- Her Arrival

Having completed their first mission as a ‘Search and Rescue’ unit, the crew of the Sand Dollar is given shore leave while their new base is completed. Things become even stranger when Alex and some members of her crew start to ‘develop’. What does the ‘future’ hold for Capt. Steinert?

South of Bikini: E3- Newfound Relations

Newly repurposed, the Sand Dollar sets out on her next mission, but does the strange Mahanilui plan more…’miraculous’ changes for Alex Steinert and her crew? Do the women of Kili Island know more about what is happening than they let on?

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