Uniform Treatment

A fairly depressing tale, really, about a poor boy who lost his way.

(There are some themes in this story that some younger people might find offensive. And again might not, but some older people might think that they might offend the younger people anyway. So if you’re a younger person, below the age of majority in your region, please navigate away to another site, or perhaps ask your parents or guardians if you should be looking at this page: it might enlighten them.)

Bridges 39

Bridges 39

Chapter 39



“Yeah Oh…and my wife is more important to me than a shift.”

I’m blushing. “Cass…god I love you.”

Maid to be a Man?


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Finally free of Grandma, Gerome begins the adventure of a lifetime. Will reality match his dreams? As day to day reality comes home to Mia, will she be able to continue to be two people at one time?
Maid to be a Man?
By Maid Joy
Picture credit to "Emma, a Victorian Romance"

Sissy Vilified -- Part 13

Sissy Vilified — Part 13

By Maid Joy

The First Sergeant stood in front of his Commander’s desk. Captain Robertson was normally a jovial kind person until it was time to get serious. From the lack of a smile on his face, it was time to be serious.

“This is no good Top. I never would have pegged Taylor for being one of them. It’s as shocking as anything I’ve ever seen.” He sighed heavily and put the files aside. “Have a seat. What is your recommendation regarding this situation?”

Sissy Destroyed -- Part 12

Sissy Destroyed — Part 12

By Maid Joy

The party was great. Halloween was my favorite time because you could be whomever you wanted to be, your wildest fantasy come true. The humblest, most repressed person could step out as the most bizarre, most brazen, most outrageous creature they could imagine without fear of persecution.

I knew enough now that I passed easily as a woman. Things might have been different several months ago, but not now.

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