I Am Woman

I Am Woman
By Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author’s note: All song references and lyrics, are the property of Helen Reddy, the original artist, and Ray Burton and their recording company, Capitol Records. Barbara Lynn Terry)

Chapter 1 - Here she comes.

“I am woman, hear me roar …”

Stay a little bit longer

The smell of tea wakes me up.

Not good tea either but that orange pekoe that someone’s plopped in a teapot and think that you can keep it on the heat after the water’s been boiled.

I’m going to taste the teabags.

I can take this, I can take the canned milk in it, I can take anything really.

Except all of this…

Of losing them for good maybe...

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 39

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 39
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Naomi stops for lunch.

"Well, you better tell me everything."

"Yeah? What if I don't?"

"Listen Rach, I'm the official historian of Rachel Eileen Watkins, and so help me, girl, I will spread you all over Pine Meadows...uhm...Home For Adolescent Girls." Both girls giggled.

Marilyn, of course, just had to ask.

"Do you girls often joke like this?"

"Yes, mom. We find it takes our mind off of things that bother us."

"Well, at least you aren't throwing tantrums and swearing."

The Accident - Part 1

The Accident
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - After the accident.

The ambulance had arrived, and when they saw how bad the injury was, they had to immediately stop the bleeding. They put a pressure bandage on it, and taped it with surgical tape. They got the child on the gurney, and in to the ambulance. With sirens wailing, they left for the hospital only two miles away.

What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 15 - Susan Goes To The Hospital

"Objection, your honor. There is no evidence presented that says the minor child has XX chromosomes."

"Over Ruled. Mr. Marks has filed his medical reports on the blood work, the physical examination, the x-rays, and the hospital procedure to remove the useless layers of skin covering the child's vaginal opening. Now, Mr. Connors, if you keep objecting, knowing that we have irrefutable medical evidence showing this child to be genetically female, I will hold you in contempt!"

What Mother Didn't Know
Chapter Fifteen
Susan goes to the hospital

By Barbara Lynn Terry


What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 14 - Susan Gets Her Medical Examination

"Doctor, are you saying that I am a real girl?"

What Mother Didn't Know

Chapter Fourteen

Susan gets her medical examination

By Barbara Lynn Terry


What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 13 - Susan Gets Good News

Dang tears, they seem to come at the worst times. We sat on the bench just outside of the changing rooms, and I didn't care if others saw me or not. I was happy, and I am a girl, and I had a right to cry whereever I wanted to, for whatever reason. Bobbie sat on one side of me, and Cindy on the other. They held me from both sides, to show they were very serious about being there for me.

What Mother Didn't Know

Chapter Thirteen

Susan gets good news

By Barbara Lynn Terry


What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 12 - At Court

Chapter twelve - At court.

We just stood there inside the door, and Mrs. Granger just held me. She walked me over to the sofa, and sat down with me, motioning Bobbie to take me upstairs and show me my room.

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