Ships (A Prequel?)

Ships (...A Prequel?)
by Amalia Solara

Sabina is a cynical, homeless young trans woman who prioritizes hormones even over such necessities as food and shelter. Deborah is an anxious workaholic with social issues and an apparent softer side, a responsible up-and-coming professional who has just had surgery. A serendipitous encounter on the subway system brings these two women briefly into each other's orbit, where they leave powerful impressions on each other and reveal vulnerable aspects of themselves through their differences, without fully realizing all that they have in common.

Aurora and Aurelia

Aurora and Aurelia
by Amalia Solara

Aurora is an intellectually precocious, depressed high-school senior at an existential crossroads, with a wounded heart and an intense inner conflict that leads to alienation, repression, sexual frustration and self-loathing. Aurelia is a nurturing, empathetic, emotionally sensitive, congenitally blind classmate who fast becomes her closest confidant. Together, these two special girls take solace in each other, cope with their respective challenges and ultimately find intimacy and fulfillment.

Jen Xing's journey and triumph

A story on this amazing person will be on The Rock Center at 10 (East) 9 (central). It should be about 15 minutes long. In a country like China who still value boys over girls, her father's attitude is perceptive and loving. Even the Chinese government values her, and so does her husband who happens to be German.


So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You - Chapter 2

So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 2 - Talking with mom

After I had put my new clothes away, I went back downstairs and poured myself a glass of apple juice. I sat at the table and looked at mom.

"Mom, when we were at the store, why did you all of a sudden start treating me like your daughter?"

Binary Failure

Ha! I knew that would bring the geeks in! Sorry, though. This isn't about computer failure, it's about societal failure.

There's a wonderful discussion going on now in Nick B.'s blog on what it means to be a transsexual. Nick's goal is to publish an article on the 'net that will help dispel ignorance and help promote acceptance.

Dr Tracy Okeefe article on transgender and other terms

I found this to be an interesting essay. The comments below it are almost as interesting. The article reveals the sometimes contentious views about the term transgender, in all its ramifications, and how it's use as an umbrella term may trample on self identities.

My Stories

Every now and then I re-read some of the comments to my stories as well as the stories to see if I might be able to add anything. What I notice is a pattern to all comments, whether they are for my stories or someone else's, and that is this. Several people pick out a part of the story and only comment on that, others comment on the whole story, and still others like to nit pick about this or that, and it has nothing to do with the story.

Not just a commentor any more

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Hi everybody. I have been reading BigCloset TopShelf for awhile, and occasionally commenting on some of the stories for a shorter while. So I decided to tell anybody that is interested about this silly person that is me.

First, to avoid just repeating stuff that I have written elsewhere, here is the link to a tiny website that I set up back in 2003 through my ISP:

A Study of the Transsexual Creature.

I don't know if this counts as fiction so I decided to put it here. This is a somewhat humorous explanation of what a transsexual is. The original is posted on All comments about the text are very welcome.

The Life of the Transsexual Creature

Thursday's Afternoon Play

on BBC Radio 4, 'Out of season' by Anne-Marie O'Connor, deals with four people visiting a cafe in Blackpool and the thoughts they have about what is going on in their lives. One of whom is a M2F transsexual, meeting her father for the first time.

The whole thing was quite well done.

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