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I Will Always Be There For You

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Two lonely people find each other,
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I Will Always
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by Wendy Jean

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Girl Scout Launches Cookie Boycott Campaign - Transgender


Girl Scout Launches Cookie Boycott Campaign After Organization's Inclusion Of Transgender Child

Saw this article which maybe of interest here. It was a link from an article regarding the start of Girl Scout Cookie sales season. Anyone selling Thin Mints ;-0?


World's Tallest Transsexual Lindsey Walker

World's Tallest Transsexual Lindsey Walker On Shoes, Taboos And Tattoos

Saw this article, and thought it might be intersting. She seems to be well centered (no pun intended) with her life. I wonder if she wanted to would she be allowed to play in the WNBA (a professional women's basketball league in the U.S.) or would there be some rule preventing her from playing? If she was allowed I wonder what the reaction would be?

Fairy Tale: the Changeling's Story - Part 2

Fairy Tale: the Changeling's Story - Part Two



Until recently, Morgan was a perfectly normal high schooler, enjoying an ordinary life with his family and friends, until he discovered he possessed mysterious powers which he doesn't always use responsibly.
His life changes forever when he meets a mysterious woman who tells him what he doesn't want to believe: he isn't who he always thought he was...


The Good (M.Ds supportive to TG) and the Ugly -"Work It"


There were two articles of interest to this community in my local paper, The Ft. Laudrdale Sun-Sentinel, today.

The first, concerns how some Gynecologists are becoming more Transgender friendly is positive. The other about the new television show "Work It" is positive only in the sense that the reviewer pans the show, otherwise ABC should be chastised for showing it. It appears there is a betting line on how quickly it will be cancelled.

The links are below.

Gynecologists opening minds, offices to transgender patients

Transgendered Teen Sunday Boston Globe Article 2011/Dec/11th

Today's Boston Globe has an article on Nicole Maines and her family. She's a transgendered teen living in Maine. The article is positive, discussing a variety of options available to families with transgendered children.

Virginia Inmate Appeals Dismissal Of Sex Change Lawsuit

Va. Inmate Appeals Dismissal Of Sex Change Lawsuit: Transgender Ophelia De'Lonta Wants Surgery

Thought this might be of interest. Please keep comments on context, and civil, PLEASE!


Aleksa Lundberg, Swedish Transgender Actress, Mourns Forced

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Aleksa Lundberg, Swedish Transgender Actress, Mourns Forced Steriliztion

Saw this article. Thought it would be of interest to this community. See link below. This seems to be truly harsh and cruel. I can see no justification for it. I wonder if anyone here can justify this or support it.




To be honest my story isn’t going to be for everyone. I wasn’t even sure it’s something I even get. But I guess here it is. My name’s Corey Roberts and I’m a FTM trans guy. The thing is when it came to getting my surgery downstairs I didn’t get it. I didn’t really want them to mess with something I understood and frankly still got a lot of pleasure out of.

Oh yeah that just broke a few brains and I’m getting a few freak comments already.

My (Extra) Ordinary Family -- My Kid Is Transgender" Wednesd

On ABC-TV tonight there will be a show concerning transgendered teen and pre-teens. I have no idea what the bias is or if it is well done. A review can be found at the link below. I also do not know the bias of the review.

The show teaser indicates they will be a MtF and a FtM discussed.


"The remarkable lives on Newark sanitation truck No. 2646"

Here's a very sympathetic story from a major US newspaper about a transgendered sanitation worker. It includes a link to a video.


My first story posting here!

Hello again,
I am so proud to announce the posting of my first story "Magnetic Personality" to Big Closet and Lilith Langtree's Comic Retcon Universe... I hope you enjoy part one.
Diana Howe

Sex Change Hospital

No, that wasn't an exaggeration. Discovery Channel has a new program, debuting Friday, July 29 at 10:00 pm.

I suppose that's all to be said really. The title is the post, Sex Change Hospital. I do hope to be able to get my SO to watch it.


Maine legislature rejects bathroom bill

UPDATE: 11:29 AM ET:

The Maine Senate has just joined the House in rejecting a bill that would have repealed protections for transgender people under the Maine Human Rights Act. LD 1096 would have allowed restaurants and schools to adopt their own policies for restroom use and stripped away the ability of transgender people to file discrimination lawsuits if they were denied access to a rest room that did not correspond with their biological sex.

Transgender prom queen from Davie breaks down barriers - 2

There is a more extensive article and a video regarding Andrew "Andii" Viveros then was posted by me earlier.
It seems that this is getting a lot of play.


Petition to help transgender woman fight to avoid prejudice

This is a petition to help Dr Rachel Tudor who is being discriminated against by her colleagues because of her transition. The universities manual was rewitten after their action was initiated to make it easier to fire her. Southeastern is in the Bible belt of Oklahoma.

Below is a link to Rachael's blog with more information and a recent award for distinguished scholarship.

Spontaneous sex change in chicken not a joke?

So far as I know, this is not some April Fool joke. The date on the story is 3/31/11.
Basically, a hen became a sort-of rooster, crowing, strutting and changing comb and wattle and quit laying eggs, after a molt. Veternary suggests reason as though it is not unusual.

16 yrs. old student attends prom as girl self

Nice story about high school transgendered junior allowed to attend prom as her girlself. Sounds like she had a great time.

I was living a lie: The 16st bodybuilding father

I was living a lie: The 16st bodybuilding Father who is now a glamorous FEMALE model

Read more:

I found this surfing the net and was on the UK On-line Paper: "MAILOnline" She also has a 9 yr old daughter that fully except's her, interresting story! Richard

Requesting help to post a new story with a picture

Hi, It's been a while, but I've written a new story, this time using Open Office. My problem is that I've got permission to use a picture taken from Flickr with the title, and I'd like the title to be in a suitable nice font. Could someone please help me to get this done? It may sound lazy if I ask to send them everything and they produce the end product for me, but if they explain how its done, I can maybe do it myself next time.

With many thanks in anticipation,

Bronwen Welsh

One Step Closer (to Coming Out)

This has been an unusual morning for me. What began as another pointless argument with my mother actually turned into something worthwhile for the both of us. I've learned a lot about her today that I didn't realize before, and I've been shamed for it, I'll freely admit.

The important thing is, I learned she isn't clueless, as I once believed by her previous reactions. In the past I've tried to talk to her about my being transgendered, and it's resulted in some pretty upsetting responses. The thing is, she doesn't remember any of it.

The Last Waltz - New Material in Musetta's Waltz

Today's posting is the next to the last for Musetta's Waltz. This is the first of the new material - the material that had been removed before publishing the first edition. The primary reason for not publishing this chapter was because it revealed the tunnel between the two houses. That was an still an important secret. When you read The Redhead and the PM, it will become obvious the reason they can now talk about it. The next and last posting is two chapters and they reveal something that wasn't even hinted at in the first edition. They reveal a slightly different Musetta.

Teacher's Pets

Boring! That is how I would describe the school days at Harriet Miller High School. I swear my teacher's had taken their teaching style from watching Ben Stein's character on "The Wonder Years" My girlfriend Liza and I would spend our time passing notes to each other and still managed to get every single thing our teacher said. It was like this in nearly every class. We both decided that we needed to liven things up, so we would pull out a Fart machine and start letting it go off at different times.

Study shows high rate of suicide among TGs

Study: Anti-transgender bullying alarmingly high

by Hannah Clay Wareham
Bay Windows
Sunday Oct 17, 2010

More than half of transgender or gender non-conforming people who experienced
bullying or harassment have attempted suicide, according to a recently released

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey, conducted by the National Gay
and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality,
revealed that 41 percent of respondents had attempted suicide, compared to a
national estimated rate of 1.6 percent.

So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You - Chapter 2

So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 2 - Talking with mom

After I had put my new clothes away, I went back downstairs and poured myself a glass of apple juice. I sat at the table and looked at mom.

"Mom, when we were at the store, why did you all of a sudden start treating me like your daughter?"

Worthwhile journal item

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Transgender issues in the workplace: HRD’s newest challenge/opportunity
by Debra Davis (2009)

“The purpose of this article is to present insights from a transgender woman to HRD scholars and practitioners, along with all organizational members, to help them understand the myriad of considerations involved in this emergent workplace issue” (Davis, 2009, p. 110).

Binary Failure

Ha! I knew that would bring the geeks in! Sorry, though. This isn't about computer failure, it's about societal failure.

There's a wonderful discussion going on now in Nick B.'s blog on what it means to be a transsexual. Nick's goal is to publish an article on the 'net that will help dispel ignorance and help promote acceptance.

Galactic Marshal II

I am currently writing Galactic Marshal II. We are in the process of moving to the Ozarks so my time is limited right now. I hope to start posting chapters in October. I want to thank all that have shown an interest in my story.


Musetta's Waltz Update

It's been more than two years since Musetta came to life. Dr. O'Donnell asks her if she has Klinefelter's Syndrome. She didn't know what it was and in the story as originally written it turns out she didn't. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that her having Klinefelters made a lot of sense. It explained her natural appearance and some of her personality. I made some corrections in Chapters 11 and 12 to now reflect that she had this condition. It does nothing to change the story other than to make it a bit more realistic.



Transgender group left with few options

Newspaper item from New Zealand:

Transgender group left with few options

“An attempt to help young transgender sex workers find new jobs outside the sex industry has been hit by the axing of a Government job scheme.”

The statistics at the end of the article make sad reading when you look at the proportion of TG folk who are working in the sex industry. The population of New Zealand is presently about 4.37 million persons.

Positions Severed

Dr Tracy Okeefe article on transgender and other terms

I found this to be an interesting essay. The comments below it are almost as interesting. The article reveals the sometimes contentious views about the term transgender, in all its ramifications, and how it's use as an umbrella term may trample on self identities.

The Sparkle weekend Manchester 9th, 10th 11th July

It's just struck me that I haven't told anybody on BCTD that I'm going to The Sparkle Weekend in Manchester's gay village in the UK.
I'm staying at 'The place hotel', Friday and Saturday nights for the weekend 9th, 10th , 11th July.
Is anybody else going.
Lot's going on.
I'd love to meet some big closet readers or writers up there.

Looking forward to some others being there.


Humanity freaking terrifies me :-/

I think I'm going to be sick. I mean, literally, physically want to run to the bathroom ill right now.

While doing some research for my next writing project in Robin's life, I stumbled across an article on transgender student athletes in Connecticut. The responses almost brought me to tears, thinking that human beings could be so cruel toward CHILDREN in their comments!

I warn you, this is NOT for the faint at heart, like myself, but you have to be one sick, callous son of a bitch to write this kind of bile.

My Stories

Every now and then I re-read some of the comments to my stories as well as the stories to see if I might be able to add anything. What I notice is a pattern to all comments, whether they are for my stories or someone else's, and that is this. Several people pick out a part of the story and only comment on that, others comment on the whole story, and still others like to nit pick about this or that, and it has nothing to do with the story.

Cynthia and the High School Years - Part 2, Chapter 2

Cynthia and the High School Years — Part 2, Chapter 2

By Portia Bennett

Well, Myrna rather quickly deduced that Don and Donna were the same person, and she realizes that the magic she has learned about must be responsible. With The Wizard’s help, they explain how the transformation took place. It was very complicated, as we know. Myrna also finds out more about Cindy and Bobbie’s origins. The cats welcome Myrna into the group.

TG=More Readers?

The newspaper headline:

Sex-change officer recovering after being hurt at checkpoint

Sometimes, I wish the media would just report the news, and not try to sensationalise it. The officer was just doing her job, and her gender status had nothing to do with the incident, afaik.
[Click the headline to read the story.]

This story should have been reported as: “Police officer hurt at checkpoint.”

Season for Unusual Events in Unbelievable Places

One of the more unusual places for something like this to come up: Pakistan. Or maybe not.
Wikipedia article is sympathetic,, but BBC seems somewhat less so:


About me: (part 2)

Among the things in my life that I considered normal were:
My mother gave birth to me when she was 15. At that time, my father was 22. They did marry, but divorced when I was eight months old.

Another year would go by before my sister was born as a result of a relationship without the benefit of marriage.

About me: (part 1)

I've been a member for over a year now, and I have written very little. I do love reading many of the stories. However, lately, I haven't had much time to write, as I am in my first semester of nursing school.

I am 45 years old, born male. I have been married 20 years and have three sons.

With enemies like these

Last year I was very proud when the city of Gainesville approved an ordinance that allows transgender persons to use the public restroom of the gender they identify with. Of course this measure was immediately and quite vehemently attacked, and a petition drive was launched to amend it, ostensibly to prevent men from entering a ladies room and then claim they were transgender if they got caught, despite the fact that the law already has a provision to deal with this.


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