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Ashley's Song

glowing-orb.jpgAshley's Song
by Anon Allsop

This is one of my older stories - I knocked the dust off it and decided it could be placed here on Big Closet.

The ancient woman sat quietly in her rocking chair and looked back at me, her watery eyes unwavering. I looked from her to the little girl, then back to her again. I felt terrible for them; this was the part of the job that I hated.

"Mrs. Patrick...ma'am, I'm really sorry to have to tell you this but..." My eyes looked at the innocent face of the little girl. "Uh... this would be easier if she weren't here." My voice was shaking with emotion.

The old woman looked at the girl and asked her to go inside for a while, "Go on." She said gently guiding the child toward the door. She waited until the door closed and turned back toward me saying, "Okay Brian."

Sam & Jess - 11

I was walking around a park, the same park I used to come with my father when I was little. I went to the playground and sat down on the swing. It was a nice warm day, the skies were blue and there wasn’t a single cloud around. I was lost in thought when I heard a familiar voice that I never thought I would hear again.


Sam & Jess
Chapter 11
 ©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro


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