Requiem For A Lost Child

Forty years ago
A child was born
Into this world.

In all ways
With ten fingers
And toes.

No visible signs
Of a birth defect
Except one.

Only known
To the child.

Not a defect
As society understands
But a greater truth.

That burns
With the intensity
Of a white-hot flame.

Removing all doubt
In the child's mind.

She takes small steps
Within the safety
And privacy
Of the bathroom.

The Christmas of My Dreams

The Christmas of My Dreams
By Drew Miller

High school student John gets more than he bargained for when he begins using a curious old typewriter which he inherits from his grandfather. Although this Christmas story is not strictly classified as TG, it does contain a surprising and heartfelt ending for those who are kind enough to give it a chance and read through to the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Bikini Beach: Organlegger

Did you ever wonder what might happen if the owner of a lifetime pass to Bikini Beach became an organ donor? This is the story of one who did, and of the four organ recipients.

An explanation of the title follows the story.

Much thanks to Elrod for his editing this story and agreeing to let it be posted. Thanks also to Steve Zink and Caleb Jones for their comments and suggestions, some of which were even taken in the final editing of this story.

Bikini Beach: A Punk's Story

When Felicia Ormand invited the cocksure Frankie DiAntonio to spend the day at the water park, Frankie thought that his luck was in. After all, he knew there'd be less competition there - less than he realized. He didn't know what "A Wonderful Life" he was about to fall into.

This is the sequel to "Bikini Beach: Purse Snatchers."

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