From The Past To The Future Part 2

Lupita watches as the snowflakes fall and cover the ground. She was watching the flakes fall from the doorway of a shelter she had found. It wasn’t much, but it would allow her to get out of the weather. It was an old guard shelter that was no longer used. It had a small stables attaché to it for horses and there was still some hay in it that was good. The shelter wasn’t very big, but had enough room to hold four people. It had a hand pump for water and a wood stove for cooking. The fire place was big enough to warm the shelter.

Rough Night In Little Rock

We were wakened the night before last at 2:00 AM by our little cat, Silky, trying to get our attention. There had been considerable lightning and thunder, not unexpected, for several hours. Suddenly, the wind picked up to a swirling gale. Small branches and hail pummeled the roof. We then realized that the power was out (not to return until 9:30 last night). The wind calmed down, then the tornado warning sirens began to wail. Power had not returned in the morning, but fortunately, we had natural gas for cooking.

how many!

i experienced profound abuse from parents and peers and as a 4ft 6in 80 lb 8th grader was an easy target, not to mention my less than macho mannerisms and attitudes. i repeated the 8th grade and experienced a growth spurt in the summer between the two eighths, ending up at five six and about 115 lbs. by the time i was a sophomore i was 5'11" and a 120 lbs. i never did really fill out. at 28 i was five eleven and a half inches and 135 lbs and starting my first year of recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

On Abuse -- A Found Comment From Elsewhere

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I was reading my favorite sex-advice columnist this morning and his "letter of the day." One commenter posted a reply that some might find a "bit" pretentious. I liked it. I might do a needle-point of that last sentence. I'd have to learn how to do needle-point first, but...

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