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Cynthia and the Christmas Gift - Reposted


Cynthia and the Christmas Gift - Reposted

By Portia Bennett

This is a little stand-alone story that eventually became part of a chapter in Cynthia and the High School Years — Part 1. As there are many new readers at this site, I thought they might enjoy another Christmas story. If you enjoy the story and are not familiar with the characters, you might want to read the Cynthia Chronicles.

The Tales of Misrah - Tale 2: "F***in' weird"

Spells R Us - The Tales Of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale II: F***in' weird

By Misrah

Synopsis: When two enters the SRU Magic Shop, they meet the Wizard's new Apprentice who has a bit of fun at their expense.

Brian was still talking about one of his endless plans of attracting some chick he had a crush on at the moment at school. He was always planning and talking about how, and also how many chicks he "was about to lay".

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