First Impressions

Mac was—well, “obsessed” would be to put it unkindly—interested in a rather particular art: the vocal impression. Since he was eleven he had been practicing voices: cartoon characters, celebrities, even his parents. But there was one wall he always ran up against: he couldn’t do female voices. It didn’t help that his voice had changed at a relatively young age. But it wasn’t just that: he also just felt too embarrassed. It felt like he was doing something… wrong.

Sisters in Pink

Sisters in Pink

Hi my name is Kaleb or rather was Kaleb and this is how I got turned into a girl by my 9 year old sister.

one day in late June 2014 my sister was getting changed out of her pajamas which happened to be a pink t-shirt with white panties with pink and purple stripes on them and I just happened to look at her changing for one second little did I know my life was about to change.

The Blank Page - Pen at the Ready

Friday night found Amanda Evans perched on the edge of her bed, facing the large mirror on the opposite wall. Her dark blonde hair had been wrangled into a

passable braid; she had tried to teach herself simply by watching her mother do her own hair, but had not quite gotten the hang of it yet. Amanda had draped

herself in an overlarge college tee of her father’s, a makeshift nightgown. Her new, smaller frame was pronounced by the fact that the shirt hung down to her

knees. Mere days ago the shirt would have comfortably fit Peter. Not Peter, Amanda chastised herself, me. I am still Peter inside, aren’t I? However, she could

no longer be so sure of this. She could not lie to herself; she had made no attempts to undo the life-changing transformation and become Peter again. Referring

to Peter in the third person seemed completely natural.

A Summer of Changes - Book 3 Chapter 3


Julia has to come to terms with having a new sister

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 3 Chapter 3

Julia’s new sister

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