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Mistress of the Wardrobe


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This tale is set in the 1870’s and is about a young man who was being groomed by his mother and aunt into becoming a bride to some young Lord in England, during the era of the sailing ships. He soon runs away, only to find himself persuaded into becoming the Mistress Of The Wardrobe, the Lucky Talisman of a merchant vessel.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 9


Part 9

A shout from the stern rail brought my attention around. There balanced on the rail, arms outstretched was Blythe. The faint light of the quarterdeck shown on him fully revealing his red shirt and a knife in his hands. He shouted again “Mistress I did it for you !” and looked to the skies. Seeking forgiveness?

Mistress 9

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Hello Everyone !
I wish that I could have posted a new chapter today instead of this small update.

Real Life as usual has gotten in the way of something I would much rather do and that is edit and post more of this tale. I am working on the chapter 9 and it should be ready for you to read (and enjoy) soon.
Allyson is making headway in getting her devious mutiny plot going. (as one commenter put it). I'm not really happy with how that is being put down on paper so I may end up with something completely different, at this stage it is too early to tell.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 8


Part 8

“That bad ehh,…Will the ship survive and carry us though? Should I be battening the hatches or something? ” I looked at her and we giggled together. The first laugh we had had since that terrible morning trauma.

Mistress posting

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Sorry for the delay in posting a new chapter but as always real life gets in the way.
I'm hoping to get the next chapter edited and posted this weekend, so for those of you who have waited patiently, your wait will soon be over.

Working 12 hours a days really is a drag and doesn't leave much time for anything else after caring for Mom and sleeping there's just an hour or so left so I'm behind.

Again I apologize for the delay

Love to you and yours


Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 7


Part 7

The blond dressed in deep burgundy spreading skirt and manteau. Her hair finely dressed and upswept to a tiara. Her earrings sparkling in the candle light, and a similar twinkle of reflected light from her tightly corseted bosom. Her companion wearing blue, a dazzling display of blue spreading skirt over a hooped undershirt with petticoats peeking out from just above the carpeted floor. Her blouse of the softest yellow chine de silk, buttoned tightly to her narrow swan like neck.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 6


Part 6

I tingled when we walked in arm in arm for he was still steadying me, I took in the room. I gasped and said a silent "Oh my" to myself, for it was so opulent in an Victorian Boudoir theme, so very feminine, and so elegantly tasteful, that it caused me to immediately to think of having crossed over that line, as I had done so recently. By putting me in this room, they were openly acknowledging and encouraging my feminine acting and existence. I realised they really ‘desired’ me to be the Best Mistress possible.

Mistress chapter posting

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I just get frustrated when I read a chapter or two of a story posted as a continuing serial, or novel posted in chapters I get interested in it,... and the author some times takes weeks or even months to get the next one posted.
Or in some extreme cases they don't continue it at all!

I know that is kind of critical of me to say, but don't tease me and then not follow through. That's very frustrating.

Mistress Picture

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The Picture that prompted all this writing and shipborne adventure is available to view full size here.

You may also enjoy seeing more of James Tissot's work there, he painted many more in the same vein of this work, he was rather prolific.

I've always been a fan of late 18th century dress and literature, so when I saw this for the first time in person. (Yes I stood infront of the actual painting, it's huge) It's actual title is "La Cheminee" 1869.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 5


Part 5

Looking down on parlour rooms where people talk, but all you hear is a distant murmur. People gathering around someone, a blond classical beauty. The dress perfect ~ bronze and coppery striped over-skirt tied at the waist with a blue and white satin ribbon belt. A bow of lace at the back hanging down. Head adorned by a black slouch bonnet, with a large white and black ribbon arrangement, her hair shining in long curls hanging down to her shoulders.

Ship's bell system

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I've realized that I have taken a liberty with what people know of the ships bell system of telling time. So I'm going to post this for those of you interested in seeing what time I'm really referring to in my story.

I'm hoping that it transfers well and is understandable.

the system I'm using is the Classical

*British usage after the Nore mutiny[1]
At midnight on New Year's Eve sixteen bells would be struck - eight bells for the old year and eight bells for the new.

Mistress of the Wardrobe Part 4


Part 4

I began to notice how nice and smooth I felt all over even my pubic hair was gone. It had slimmed my arms and legs some as well. I seemed to be following his instructions without any hesitation; the FireQue was in full effect now I guessed. Not only was my skin soft and smoothly hairless but also paler and blemish free, I had become very pliable and docile…ooohh sssub...submissive. A GIRL !

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