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Tales Of Heirloom Gems 5 - The Price Of Vanity

Cherry is the vain daughter of a vain Duchess.
When her mother dies another nasty obsession settles in her heart: to remain young forever.
When she finds out an Heirloom Gem might help her one question remains: what price will she have to pay?

(Warning: This is a non-TG tale that establishes another Heirloom Gem for use in further TG-tales.)

Real Heroes

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Most of you will never have heard of Daniel Morcombe or his family. The Morcombes are a family living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland...that's about an hour-and-a-half's drive north of Brisbane.

Daniel was a 13-year-old boy who went Christmas shopping eight years ago and never returned. He was last seen at a bus-stop on his way home. His bones and a pair of shoes have just been discovered about twenty miles away from his home in a swamp.

Laika Goes To Hell Part 1

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a bit of doggeral by LAIKA PUPKINO


My name is Laika and this is my canto
And you might think it’s some strange mad-dog rant though
If you’ll lend me some indulgence and hear this tale out
You’ll see just as plain as the nose on your snout
That every last word of my grim account’s true,
And be glad this all happened to me and not you…

Healing a Princess...1 (News from Abroad)

The double doors swept open to admit a dark haired well built young man. He held his head proud and walked tall as he entered the room.

“Kind of cute.” Monyka whispered for Tonya’s ears only.

As Tonya watched, her heart began to beat harder, She was sure her face must be very flushed. Finally she put her head in her hands and shook her head.

Healing a Princess

Chapter 1 - News From Abroad

by Anistasia Allread

Warning: This is a Non-TG story

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