Mystery or Suspense

A Study in Satin

Unable to defeat the addiction-withdrawal syndrome of Moriarty's youth potion,
Holmes is running out of the drug, and faces madness and a horrible death.
Unwilling to concede victory to the Professor, he leaves England
in search of the one person who might still best Holmes' archenemy -

"THE Woman."

A Study in Satin

by Tigger

Copyright © 2002,2013 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

Truth Or Consequences - Sequel to Death by Misadventure

The sequel to 'Death By Misadventure'


By Touch the Light

I dole out snippets of my invented past, each sounding less fraudulent than the one before.

If you tell a lie often enough...

The Princess Trap

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

The Princess Trap

By Tyrone Slothrop
and Wanda Cunningham

Copyright  © 2006 Tyrone Slothrop and Wanda Cunningham
All Rights Reserved.

Alan Carter finally descended past terror and settled into oscillating despair. As much as he liked the pastel green dress, he regretted not wearing jeans tonight. The dress fit nicely, emphasizing his slender waist and lending him an air of feminine sophistication beyond his years but you couldn't really run away in a dress very well. Not that he had an opportunity to run now but the dress seemed to emphasize his vulnerability somehow.

He shook his head. How stupid, worrying about clothing when he probably wouldn't live through the next few hours.
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