Middle East

"Honor " murder of post op TS in Iran

This is a sad story. A post op TS murdered by her brothers, in a country that trumpets they have no gays because they are required to have sex changes. Note the length of sentence handed out, and the attitude of the father. However, murder of TG and TS folks in the US and other "western" countries are often due, at their most basic, to some male thinking is reputation has been besmirched by him being attracted or having sex with a TS/TG. Not so different in motive, I think, but increasingly different in the way the crime is seen by law. Doesn't help the victim though....

Focal Point - Chapter 1 - 3

Focal Point
By Alyssa Plant

Michael Cohen's dream was to protect and serve as a police officer.... That job didn't satisfy him until one day, when people without names came to visit. He wanted to make a difference, but he didn't expect it to make a difference to him, too...

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