Middle Ages

Altered Fates: The Birthing

Altered Fates: The Birthing
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2007

A short interlude that I’m posting in honor of the PBS series Wolf Hall about Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister to Henry VIII.

* * * * *

"Tansie," Alyson Palmer yelled. "Get Her Majesty some more spiced wine."


According to the legends of King Arthur, Merlin changed Uther Pendragon into a double for Duke Gorlois, so he could spend the night with Ygraine, the Duke’s wife. Ygraine and Gorlois had three daughters: Elaine, Morgause, and Morgan le Faye.

During their time together, Ygraine became pregnant with the child who was to become King Arthur. Uther’s men killed Gorlois that same night.

This is my TG version of what happened. No, the characters DON'T speak standard English. They are living in the sixth or seventh century, speaking Germanic dialects that were distant ancestors of what we know as English.

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