Little Boy-Girl Series

Little Boy-Girl 2 the New Girl Part 4 Roberta 1

I went back and reworked this chapter so it's easier to read.

This chapter is about six kids that got kicked out of their Schools. Only to find out no other Schools will take them in. That’s until his mom finds the newest school in the county. That just might change their behavior.
With having to wear diapers and dresses.

Note this story sets up the next chapter
Little Boy-Girl 1 Chapter 31

Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy the Flash Backs

The stories in the segment are from the kids lives before and while in the group home.
Then how they fell and how happy they are now.

I know this is odd but this is my outlook on things

Little Boy-Girl 2

This story looks at the other Trans-Girls and brings their new life to light. Riley and Mackenzie start things and we'll look back at some of the others in the story. Then look at how they get along with the other Trans-Girls. Then we show what happens to a new bully that has to go to the new school and has to wear the girls uniform.

Little Boy-Girl 2 the New Girl Part 1 Mackenzie's Story

A new girl shows up. Born Mack Alan Bolder III but now goes by Mackenzie Alice Bolder. She came out to her mom at the age of four. Anna was trying to do her best trying to raise her son until he came out as a girl.

Note the events take place after the summer dance

Little Boy-Girl 1 the Start

This story is kinda weird to start with. You see Jamie was a happy little boy when his daddy was around. It's when his daddy was away he wasn't his happy self. Sabrina, Nicole Jenny and Amber would ask him to play with them when their mom was at work. Jamie never let his mother or the babysitter see him dressed as Jamie the happy little girl. When they had to go somewhere with the babysitter he was all boy. He just wasn't his normal self. It was when he got caught things changed forever to a point. Jamie had two older siblings he never knew about.
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