My Life of Leotards, Lingerie, and More: Parts 1-3

My Life of Leotards, Lingerie, and More

By Pacific Chris

The following is a true story, true in every way, except the names have been changed and the conversations have been paraphrased.

Part 1 – My First Leotard

In a Class By Himself-Part 2

“Okay, ladies, let’s line up!” Coach Anna’s shout ricocheted off the walls of the Emerald Gymnastics Academy gymnasium, multiplying until there seemed to be not one coach, but dozens. Jenny snapped out of thoughts and dreams of her unintentionally cross-dressing boyfriend and darted forward with the other gymnasts. Dozens of pairs of bare feet, her own among them, slapped the blue foam mat as the girls rushed to take their positions in a blur of pumping limbs, bouncing hair, and brightly colored leotards.

The Day We Became Girls 4

The Day We Became Girls 4
by LostNeo
Chapter four

After having an okay Day at School all I wanted to do on my March break was sit around and play my X-Box.I opened the door and went inside and looked around then blinked. My Sister Tammy was on the couch wearing a Leo cuddling with my Mom.

“Hi Nick how was School?” My Mom asked looking over at me.

In a Class by Himself-Part 1

Jenny shivered in the cold draft wafting through the Emerald Gymnastics Center gymnasium and hugged herself, tracing and stroking her bare hands, peppered with white gymnastics chalk, over equally bare and chalky arms and shoulders, legs and knees, then trying to rub some warmth into the white-powdered soles of her bare feet, then coming back to rest on the soft, smooth, form-fitting Lycra of her sleeveless gymnastics leotard.

The Day We Became Girls 3

The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Three

I woke up early Alison was still holding me close I watched her sleep for a bit then kissed her softly. She woke up and smiled at me.

“Morning Nicole did you have a good sleep?” she asked me smiling at me

“Yes I did cuddling with you all night. I think the pill’s effect wore off” I said still unsure if I wanted to be Nicole again.

“Thank you I loved having a girl friend I’ll put some leos and pills in your back pack just in case you want to be Nicole again okay?” Alison said cuddling me.

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