Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 28


She nods. “There will be lessons.”
“There will be?”
She smiles and she nods. “I would be a poor hostess and protector if I did not share things with you while we do other things.”
“Things with this whole getting a champion for my family.”
She looks at me.
“Things in line with teaching you how to be a champion Grace.”
“Me a champion, I’m just a girl and I’m no knight.”
She looks at me. “There are many more ways of fighting in the world Grace than just those taught by the men that train knights and soldiers. You don’t have to fight like them Grace you just have to win.”

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 8

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 8

Chapter 8


He finishes his tea and he looks at me. “It is and scary to know just how much we’ve lost and how huge the world really is.”

I nod and take our cups. “Trust me I know the feeling of the world and all you know seeming so small Alaan. I’m still getting over the shock of it.”

I head back inside the alchemy tent to get back to work.

And I’m wiping tears from my face with the back of my hand.

*And Now…

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