Masks VI: Part 7

Part Seven

"On your feet, Fergusson," said the guard.

Gregory looked warily out at the strangely-uniformed men waiting in the corridor.

"What's going on?"

"You're being transferred to a federal holding facility for supers."

"But all my crimes were local! I'm not even a super!"

"You confessed to being a super," the guard pointed out. "Now move; these men don't have all day."

"I don't have powers!" Gregory, panicking, backing into the corner behind the bunk. "Not now! They took the Wishstone from me! I don't have powers!"

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 10

Atalanta's Story Chapter 10. This chapter has been difficult, it is longer than I wanted but it can't be helped. I want to thank Bill for all his help with his suggestions, comments, and corrections. This is my 2nd attempt to post this chapter after four (now) hours adding in an extra line after each paragraph this morning.

In the chapter our heroine finds that she doesn't like public schools (what teenager does), faces danger but does not escape unscathed and in the process her mutant identity is revealed.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 8

Atalanta's Story - Chapter 8. My thanks again for William Durr for all his help. This Chapter is long, probably a little too long, but there was no help for that. This chapter has some adventure in it. This chapter includes a pic of Atalanta as I see her.

Spring brings with it new life, change, and confusion. An opportunity for predators to feed on the young.

Paying The Price - Part 01

 © November 2012

Part One

    A change of pace from Sara this time folks, Paul helps a friend in trouble and pays a terrible price, which just goes to prove that ‘No good deed goes unpunished’

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