identity death

The Race

A nasty, racist, offensive story with no redeeming value whatsoever. A white teenage girl and her secret black older boyfriend have disclosed to her parents that she is pregnant. Hilarity ensues.

Grandpa Takes Beth to Bikini Beach

Some readers may recall sick Beth mentioned a couple times in "A Bikini Beach Summer". Unfortunately, Grandmother's solution to everything wiped out Ruth's attempt to get information about Beth's sickness to her parents. This is a side-story to the sequel, which is still being written. It occurs a few weeks later, and Beth's condition has consequently worsened.

A Visit to Bikini Beach

A Visit to Bikini Beach
by Daphne Xu

A side story to "A Bikini Beach Summer." A couple characters in the main story visit Bikini Beach. Any further information would spoil the main story, which should be read first.


According to the legends of King Arthur, Merlin changed Uther Pendragon into a double for Duke Gorlois, so he could spend the night with Ygraine, the Duke’s wife. Ygraine and Gorlois had three daughters: Elaine, Morgause, and Morgan le Faye.

During their time together, Ygraine became pregnant with the child who was to become King Arthur. Uther’s men killed Gorlois that same night.

This is my TG version of what happened. No, the characters DON'T speak standard English. They are living in the sixth or seventh century, speaking Germanic dialects that were distant ancestors of what we know as English.

Last Full Measure

Last Full Measure
By Ellie Dauber  © 2010

This is another story of Jakov Pauli, an assassin who specializes in identity death.

* * * * *

For the third time, Mike Ryan stared up from his booth at the clock on the wall of the diner. “14:33 hours,” he mumbled under his breath. “He’s late.”

“In point of fact,” a voice said, “that clock is five minutes fast. I am early.”

Mike spun around. A tall, slender man — about 40, Mike guessed — stood looking down at him. “Are you Pauli?” Mike asked.

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