Ms. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The Rarely Explored Question...

Hello there,

I am a recent member, though I have only currently found time to make a first post on these forums. As some may perhaps be able to tell from the title, I am leaning towards a discussion that is far from new, though seemingly lacks expression in this particular respect.



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Here's an interesting concept which will possibly inspire other Authors.

Think up a Title!

(You say, "What the $%#%$ are you going on about Holly?)

Okay, here's the concept:

It's sort of like reverse engineering.

I drop a title, and you think up what the story should be about.
(Believe it or not, I've actually started some of my own stories this way.)

A couple first titles:

1) Miss Treated

2) Hypersexed

3) Banana Anna

4) Basquing

Now, I know I can craft a story around each and every one of the titles.

Does anyone else want to give it a shot?


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i don't have a clue, and never have. all i know is i really enjoy this genre, especially the science fiction and full genenetic changes. my favorites currently are the centerverse, randalynn's firefly fan fic, duty honor country family, not to mention just about anything by julie o and bob arnold.

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