High heels

For the Love of a Girl

John Wesley was everything but average. Having lost his soul mate and love of his life, he embarks on a ten year journey that will eventually bring her home. He will come close to paying the ultimate price only to be saved from the brink of death. What would you do for love?

The Just and the Judges

Brian's tortured past just seems follow him wherever he goes. From abandonment,to foster care, the juvenile system and now to his military service. He was a physical and emotional wreck looking for a place to happen. The few friends he thinks he has are not above tricking him for their own reasons. Danny is the one beacon of hope for him and their time tested partnership will prove to be all Brian needs to put his life back together.

The Story Of Hank/Hanna Wells

This is the poignant story of Henry Thomas Wells. A hero to some, while to others noting more than a school yard bully. With his father gone and his mom all to willing to believe those who have accused her son of wrong doing. His life soon seems to spin out of control. Tim, Tammy, and many other know the truth but Hank will not allow anyone to stand up for him and what he did. Every hero needs a villain, You decide which he was.

(Authors note) I had to remove or edit much of the events that landed Hank in his condition. They are referred to in other parts of the story. Take the tissue alert to heart as even my editor shed more than a few tears over this one. I was/am hesitant to tag the story as forced femm even though it reads that way. A perceptive reader will realize he did it willing even though it was presented as an ultimatum.

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