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It's Not Easy Being a Demi-Goddess, Chapter 9


Chapter 9

The moon lit up the boar tracks pretty well on the trail through the woods.

"This wild boar is a pretty big fellow, maybe the biggest I've ever tracked," Artemis whispered.

"How do you know?" Lysander asked.

Artemis knelt to the ground and pointed.

"Look how large they are, and how deep, my little one," the goddess replied.

Lysander asked why she called him little one, when in mortal size, she wasn't that much taller.

It's Not Easy Being a Demi-Goddess, Chapter 8


Chapter 8

Just a few more yards until the finish line.

That's what Lysander thought as he tried to catch the young Spartan boy who managed to stay just a few feet ahead of him.

They were the two youngest in the race. They easily outpaced the others.

Try as he did to overtake the boy, he could not.

The crowd cheered as they both collapsed shortly after they crossed the finish line.

It's Not Easy Being a Demi-Goddess, Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"How did I get myself into this mess?," Lydia thought as she struggled to get loose from the chains that bound her to a pillar.

Meanwhile, she was being circled by a hulking figure claiming to be a king named Aron. He laughed and told the young girl she would someday be his bride.

"Tall and creepy is not my type," Lydia replied, not showing the her enemy her fear.

He slapped her. It hurt.

It hit home the words her mother told her. There would be times when Lydia would find an opponent who would be her equal in strength.

The Thorn in Ares Side: Cassandra

The Thorn in Ares Side: Cassandra
Lilith Langtree

Cassius has a destiny far beyond those of mortal man, or woman for that matter.

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