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The Champion of Corellon Larethian and the Light

She was born in Silverymoon to Ama’Esti’Aeriel and Tahl’Ar’Deth. Ama’Esti’Aeriel was a bard who was revered for her songs. Tahl’Ar’Deth was a powerful and fearsome warrior whose mastery of the blade was legendary. Her parents had met in Waterdeep and her father had fallen in love with Ama’Esti’Aeriel and her melodious voice. While her mother had been fascinated by his skill with a blade and fallen for his kindness and compassion.

The Unicorn's Gift

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The Unicorn's Gift

I hear the whispers of green leaves,
of meadow grass, and river reeds.
I feel the wind that pays them heed.
a warm caress the heavens breathe

I hear the singing of the larks,
and fat gray squirrels on wet tree bark,
of buzzing bees, do flowers tend,
a Lovely song that never ends.

I hear the summer singing free,
of life, of love and reverie.
From every voice, in every tree
a lovely song --- but not for me.

A Novel
Sarah Lynn Morgan



The brave Battlemage, Therobelin, joins with his closest allies, Xhaiden and Meghalen to fight the ancient magic of the Rainfall Cult outside the walls of Ghanton. What awaits the three companions is

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