Exploring new identity

Girl’s Night Out - 3 Beyond Expectations

Heath/Dara's wife has taken her on a girl's night out...
Nera has another love she'd rather have...
Dara was set up, so Nera could end their marriage...
Heath is embracing his personna as Dara

Love & Supernova 7 - Female To Male


The first children born on Betelgeuse VII have reached the age when they can submit a request for the use of hormones, body implants and transgender surgery.

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 4 - Colliding Lives

I was approached by Ryta to whom I accepted a request to dance...
I gave her a kiss upon the end of our last dance…

Jess and I bumped into each other. I had lost my balance and took
hold of Jess so I wouldn’t fall. Standing face to face, we embraced
with a warm kiss… Jess and I would have more time in the future.

Ashley Phoenix Riley
Chapter 4
Colliding Lives

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.
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