An Evanescence tale



Chapter 11


The teens the gang kids he sent in first anointing them with the green light of the angel until it shone in them a little and they headed off to first draw the fire and face the defenders of this place.
The real fighters came next also anointed and braced for war.
“Kill every adult that defies us, be wary of sorcery and capture all that you can and bring them to…there to the auditorium.”
He waited and he could hear some fighting started in there and he could feel the wards being tripped and once the way was clear he nodded to his most loyal followers and headed in with the way safe and cleared for them.
A beatific smile started to spread over his face and he felt the dying starting to happen and he reached with the stone to pull them inside and feed his master…their savior.
More…they needed more and….they needed the children.

*And Now…

Vampyre 9.

Vampyre 9.

Chapter 9.


I rip the leg off a chair and slam it down and he screams as I stake his arrogant French ass through the shoulder and arm joint and into the floor.
I grab another one and full one Nightrage at him pull on all that death is willing to give me. “Where!? Where is Michel!?”
I hear Raine yelling at me telling me not to kill him and I turn to snarl at her and then back and swing the improved stake down and there’s a flash at his wrist as a handgun some small automatic is suddenly there.
He laughs that high pitched nasal almost giggle of his and all I see is muzzle flashes.
I feel the hits and I feel searing pain ripping through me….wood?...silver...?.....

*And Now…




He looks at Justin this time. “Bramblewood.”
“What’s that?”
Justin’s closing books and he’s grabbing new clothes. “It’s one of the major guild houses for those of the craft. This could be really bad if they turned on us.”
“Would they?”
“I wouldn’t have thought so. They’re closer to the druidic types.”
I’m stuffing down barely warmed burgers with liver puree smothered on them with some cheese and I’m over getting dressed and it’s no time to get all girly about being naked in from if them….yes they both looked even during this.
“Okay then mages or not we’re moving out…Tim…you and your lads with us?”
He’s staring at me and I can smell apprehension on him but anger too and his attraction all mixed together.
“Aye…these fuckers are so interested in demons then let’s give them hell.”
I slip my SWAT pants on and my feet into the combat boots using a cantrip to lace and tie them as I get a dark grey sweater on over my sports bra and just grab the leather jacket.
“You got an armory?”
“I grew up in Belfast what d’you think?”

*And Now…………

Walking through Hell...Chapter 2.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 2.

I lead the others as fast as we can go or dare to go through this place. Strange colored skies with browns and streams of toxic colors.

Vampyre 7.

Vampyre 7.

Chapter 7

Oh…my eye’s shift involuntarily as I feel Donna’s hot fingers slip into my panties and into me…I’m horny and excited enough from the fighting but for her to have her body temperature hot fingers in me and feeling her pulse in those fingers as she’s fingering me…

I’m not long in kissing her hungrily…needful…

Bloodsenses are kicking it and driving me deeper into the erotic nature of being a vampyre…



I walk through the doors but actually slow up enough to take Justin’s hand and use him to sort of shield me from the aura thing the mana boosting thing I’d been doing that fang has obviously been using as well.

None of the other Were’s I’ve met have been even close to this either and he’s ding this slow inhale through his nose thing that is obviously him doing some kind of magic or wolf magic.

Walking through Hell...Chapter 1.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I can still taste the blood.
More than coppery because of how I died.
Left them.

I left my heart behind.

Day’s become night now…it just did and there’s another moon that the one that’s in the world, there’s the moon shining down on me like the true moon the one that we feel when we’d sing and we’d pray.



Chapter 6

I see red…

It’s like the hottest rage I have ever felt run through my body in my life. You get like that in combat or you can, you shouldn’t but it’s one of the things that happens. You go there into that spot where everything is going in slow motion and you can hear your own pulse in your ears louder than you can with the bullets you’re firing.



Chapter 5

It’s almost funny enough to make me laugh even with every damned thing that’s going on is that. I might have only changed not that long ago really the first thought in my head as we took another turn and then another side street was.

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