Summer Intern (Continuation of Spring Break)

Summer Intern

Marti discovered herself and came out during Spring Break.... She was invited back to South Carolina for a summer internship... Joyfully in involves more than she expected.

(This is a continuation for my Spring Break series.
Readers are advised to begin there, though it is not a must)

Calum, meet Cassie - Part 2

I wish to mention. I know there are matters that would arise in real life that I'm not dealing with. It's by design, I'm calling it artistic licence. It is fiction after all, and I want to keep it 'sweet and sentimental'.

Ages... undetermined, I don't know myself, early teens maybe. Calum/Cassie 12 to 14, Sarah 14 to 16. Perhaps. I've left that up to the reader to call, if you choose.


Tuesday came around.

My purpose in joining Big Closet

For a while, I have been a reader of some of the stories and writers on this site. I have finally decided to begin writing, in blog form, my thoughts on the issues of TG, because I have a problem...

First, a bit about me: I have been struggling with M2F crossdressing for a while. I am not a transsexual, but simply a crossdresser. While I have an urge to dress in female clothes, I have no desire to become a woman. I am a male, and I love girls. However, the desire to dress as a female for a while has affected me for sometime now.

If The Shoe Fits Ch. 1

“Alex. It’s just one night. No one will ever know but us. Please, I’m begging you, do this for me?”

I didn’t say yes. I didn’t say no. I didn’t nod or shake my head. I just let Lara slip my athletic socks off my feet and, one after the other, slide the high-heeled shoes into place.

They fit like they were made for me.

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