Footprints In The Sea 17 and 18

Footprints In The Sea – Chapters 17 and 18

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2015

Footprints in the sea is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental.

This novel is not considered suitable material for minors and is rated X

I suggest you read Footprints In The Sea in chapter order so if you haven’t read Chapters 1 and 2, please do so.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 22


Nicole takes us past to the bursars office and I have some pay there.

Which was actually unexpected and it was really nice and I actually leave some of the “found” coin with her and I get myself a decent brace of the local coin mostly in coppers and a silver pennies at Nicole’s suggestion and I leave a respectable amount in my holdings there.

I’m far from rich really but I have some monies, some.

It’s a weight off my mind that I didn’t know was there.

We leave together heading out with some others who are on liberty tonight too and we share a wagon ride from the gates into the city and one of the places where people are getting dropped off and I can’t help but to be excited and to smile with all of the folk around and shops and things are lit with electric illuminations and it’s busy and exciting.

Nicole tugs on my sleeve and we’re heading first thing for some confection shop.

*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 11

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 11

Chapter 11


I smile and pull the length of chain to myself and my “wand” and he’s staring at me and there’s a smile and a nod.
“Ye got thet right.”
I smile. “You’re not scared?”
“Ye came in and ye helped save me an mine before Sir Alaan did that says a lot about ye. I think I can trust ye.”
“Thank you and you’re sure you don’t mind me doing this?”
“Nay ‘side I kin say I knew ye when ye were just learning yer craft and maybe be even a little bit famous t’boot.”
“Well thank you Master Smith it’s nice to be so highly thought of.”
“Ye kin call me Aiden.”
“Oh nay yer high born I can tell thet much.”
“No, I was wealth born there’s no man or woman that should be set above another.”
Eight days or so ago and a boyhood away I didn’t even know that much about life to even say that and now.
Now it just feels right.

*And Now…

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 4

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 4. My thanks again go to William Durr for his help, encouragement, and editing. Any errors are mine though. As a reminder this is a Whateley Academy Fanfiction.

This is a shorter chapter. Atalanta dresses up and goes to a barbecue where she dances and learns a valuable lesson and gains more insight into her change.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-9.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-9.

Chapter 9


It’s midnight and passed when we’re finally out from the game and it was kind of awesome to just let stuff go and play and be with friends well I was sort of too shy to really get to know them that well before but tonight it was cool it was different.

I never played a one shot RPG game before either.

I see Alex walking and I pull up. “Hey you want a lift home?’


He gets in the passenger side and he’s smiling at me and he’s so cute…and wow…I’m sitting really close to him too.

My car suddenly feels really small.

*And Now…………

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