Cultural Change

A Change of Orders

Lieutenant Commander Allain Charboneau is the engineering officer of a nuclear powered submarine. As the ship prepares for sea, Allain makes a decision that will ultimately mean his death, except for this secret government program . . .

A Change of Orders

by Tigger

Copyright © 1998,2012 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

Suggestions for dissemination of new 360,000 tg novel

I've just finished a 360,000-page tg novel. It should be available soon via an Amazon subsidiary. How and where should I publicize it? Would it be appropriate to put excerpts here in BigCloset? Below I've pasted a part of the back-cover blurb--it gives a pretty good idea of the plot.

Napoleon said that women are only baby machines.

George disagrees: They are also very good machines for cooking and cleaning.

Would he still hold that opinion if he found himself renamed “Pansy-Ann” and filling out a dress?


Crescent City 1

Crescent City
Part 1 of 3

by The Professor (c. 2004)

Robert Devereaux was born to wealth and status, but a complex scheme of power and revenge requires that he lose everything he has ever had–including his birthright... and his gender.

Ovid 11: The Bigot

Ovid XI: The Bigot

by The Professor (circa 2000)

Allen and Dan learn firsthand what it means
to be on the ‘other side of the fence’
when their inappropriate racial remarks
earn them a visit with The Judge.


Ovid 09: The Private Eye

Ovid IX: The Private Eye

by The Professor (circa 1999)

Jeff Riley comes to Ovid looking for a man who absconded with thirty million.
He winds up as an attractive black woman with a husband and child.
Solving the case proves to be more dangerous than she imagined.


Ovid 08: The Team

Ovid VIII: The Team

by The Professor (circa 1999)

A trip down memory lane to the beginnings of Ovid
where a college football team faces changed lives
after their plane develops engine trouble.

Ovid 05: The Jet Jockey

Ovid V: The Jet Jockey

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Navy jet jockey Rich Baxter is recruited to find some spies
who plan to steal the design of a special computer chip.
He needs a new undercover identity and becomes
Mike Donovan, civilian test pilot.
Wait, in Ovid that will never do... he really needs
a new identity for this mission!


Tales of Cho-Ri

Tales of Cho-Ri
Lilith Langtree

On Mid-Autumn's Day, Rich Ockerson received a gift from his best friend's uncle that had far reaching consequences.

The Calm of My Stream: Tales of Cho-Ri

The Calm of My Stream: Tales of Cho-Ri
Lilith Langtree

"You were zoning off again, Cho."

"Sorry, um, contemplating achieving enlightenment," I made up on the spot.

"Really?" Sam sounded a little too eager.

"No, not really. Not unless it involved a shampoo and a style at Sharon's in the mall."

Hee bounced once on the balls of her feet. "Oh, I could see that. They give really good shampoo." I nodded in agreement.

I Am Like Water

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