Comdex 13 For Every Ending is Just a Beginning

COMDEX, Chapter 13,
“Every Ending Is Just A Beginning,
You know
And Goodbye Is Just Hello.”

“With Everything Changing”
UWP 1970

A telephone ringing in the middle of the night is never a harbinger of glad tidings. I’d been asleep for maybe two hours. I was still the closest one to the phone, I should have learned last night.


“Kate, it’s Andy. Jane is on the line, and she’s NOT happy.”

Comdex - 12 - "You've been Busy Caterpillar, Now it's Time to Become A Butterfly

Steven’s Hall, Saturday, December 29, 2001, 1515 hours.

Linda was in bed, shaking me awake. Correction, Linda was on the bed, not in it.

“Come on Alice, it’s time for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.”

“Huh? I’m sleeping.”

“Nope, time to get up. You will soon have 12 young ladies along with 20 or so, of Annie’s closest friends. Time to get up and shower. Besides, I don’t want you to be up all night, again.”

“Lin, what day is it?”

Comdex - 10 - Youze Pays yer Nickel and Youze Take yer Chance

Comdex 10

Youze Pays yer Nickel and Youze Takes yer Chance

It took about 10 minutes for Simon, Andy, and Patrick to get him dressed. He looked like an oversized baby girl in his pink footed one piece hooded sleeper, except his zipped up the back, and locked. Well that and the fact he was handcuffed and manacled.
“Well now, isn’t that better? Pastel Pink is definitely you. You are going to Massachusetts. Carol is there with your journal, and your files. I’ve been reading all about your activities. Carol is LIVID that you’ve raped those women. She’s even angrier that you would give her jewelry you stole from those women. I’ll tell you now, IF you see her you better be polite because I KNOW she would gladly cut your very teeny wiene off.”

I pulled my K-bar knife again, and this time I wickedly slashed Maxwell from shoulder to hip.

Thank you Chelle for your proof reading/editing skills! Of course, any errors are solely mine.

Comdex - 9 - There’s Nothing Fair about life.

Comdex Chapter 9
There’s Nothing Fair about Life

John pulled the cell-phone out and tried calling Leo. No answer, no message, shit!

Maxwell then tried to call home. At least this time someone answered. “Hello?”

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?”

“This must be Mr. Maxwell?”

“Yeah, you still haven’t answered me!”

“Oh, well Mr. Maxwell this is Roger Guthrie of the FBI. I’d like to thank you for leaving your safe unlocked.”

John Maxwell hung up the phone, in shock. His safe unlocked?




Yes, Comdex is alive and well. Well the story anyway. This chapter marks the end of the longest Comdex drought. There are three (or four) Chapters in process. Thank you for being understanding.

This chapter introduces a new editor for me. Holly Happy Hart was my editor for years. I miss her desperately. She was my friend, I'd helped her move across country. Now I've found a new editor - MichelleA

I am very fortunate, and so are you. Her comments made the story much more readable.

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I know a LOT of people have been waiting for this for far, far too long. Now that I've got a timetable, and even more, my Muse (or whatever I'm calling inspiration) has decided it's time.

In two weeks I expect to send the next chapter in my Comdex series to the editors. Hopefully, that means in about three to four weeks I'll be posting it.

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