The Legends 5

The Legends

Chapter 5 - Chains And Flowers


This is the story of a dead girl who resurrects 80 years later, with a ghostly body and strange powers. People think she is a ghost, a hologram, a goddess or anything else, but nobody knows who she really is. Each story is told by someone who encounters her at some point.

Gmail account hacked

Some time early Sunday morning someone managed to get into my Gmail account and spam everybody in my (somewhat extensive) contacts list. If you got one, please delete it.

I discovered it this morning when I could not get into my account. They had changed the password. I went through the password recovery and got control of the account back.

When I was able to get back into the account there was a message from Google that the account had been accessed from China and if it wasn't me that I should change my password.

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