Caution: Brief Nudity

Thundering Force: Chapter 06: “Emerald Dawn.”

Chapter Description: Chapter Six: The opportunity finally presents itself for Sidious. He puts his foot down and orders the one agent of darkness he knows whom can do the job, Count Dooku, to eliminate Padme. Though, cosmic influences have already started to take an interest in Padme and Mjolnir. And this battle will have far greater repercussions than anyone could imagine, with the battle possibly leading to a Emerald Dawn.

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 6: Volume 2: Chapter 06

Before every great attack. There is proper planning and preparation. And Chang's plan for a counterattack is no exception.

As the people of De La Plata Podrido clean up after the battle, Chang calls a meeting with his friends and allies, at the casino. With Chang and those with him, planning what happened when someone attacked him and his, without provocation. With this army of badasses preparing for the reprisal against those that attacked them.

And what they have planned will not be pretty.

All this in part two, of the climax of the Badasses of The Multiverse anthology.

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