Shadow of the Heart Chapter 4

Shadows of the Heart

Chapter 4


I was stuck with this guy that my spell did not work on. What am I going to do now? If the office pulls him in and interrogates him my secret will be out. What will I do then? I could always run to Wind Haven. I don't want to give up the work so that's out. I need to get a handle on this.

The Fourth Countess

The Fourth Countess


By Karin Beyaert

Kurt had always dreamt about having his own castle. And one or two other minor changes in his life as well, like e.g. becoming very rich.
As so often good deeds get rewarded and wishes fulfilled.
Kurt gets all he ever longed for. And as a real man he is prepared to pay the price for success. Or is he eventually not…?
Be careful with what you wish, you might get it. And, even worse, have to keep it!


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