Leigh Anne - Chapter 18

Leigh Anne - Chapter 18
By Barbara Lynn Terry

The next morning, after everybody was dressed and had their breakfast, Leigh packed her tennis outfits in an overnight case, and declared herself ready to go. Her dad went out to put the things in the trunk, and Leigh and her mother went out to the car. After sitting down and buckling up, Mr. Smythe started the car and they were off of to Midland.

The Bridge

The Bridge
By Daphne Xu

Teaser: An old wooden bridge provided a short-cut for generations of schoolchildren walking to school. But now, the bridge is so rickety and rotten that children are warned in no uncertain terms to avoid that bridge.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 4

I spent the rest of the evening searching the web for temporary jobs at Crighton beach but once again those I found weren't that enticing. Other jobs looked cool, but they would pay into the employee's bank account. I definitely had a bank account, but in the male name of Clarence, not that of a girl named Catherine. How on earth could I get paid without a real bank account to that name? As I continued to scan through job offers, it also dawned upon me that I needed a place to stay at the beach.


Alana Porter left home far before she had taken her first steps at becoming Alana Porter. Years later after a few no so great returns she makes her way finally home thanks to a chance find online and discovers a chance of a different sort all together in the woods of home.


Jess Stone had breasts. He had been like this his entire teen life not quite fitting in anywhere that he had lived and at the same time he hadn’t really had the chance to. His folks moved around a lot with his dad being a hydrological engineer but they were slightly afraid of what might happen to Jess if he attended school. Some people just didn’t get it or wanted too. Jess was now attending a new school when he decided to change things...

Only it was everyone else that was getting changed!

Chapter 16
by Bailey Summers

Copyright © 2012 Bailey Summers
All rights reserved.


Its not just fiction

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1 Ohio school, 4 bullied teens dead by own hand


Gee this sounds all too familliar:
"Some students say the problem is the culture of conformity in this city of about 50,000 people: If you're not an athlete or cheerleader, you're not cool. And if you're not cool, you're a prime target for the bullies."

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 14

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 14
Chapters 29-32 
By Katherine Day
It’s a whole new life for Jane who now seeks to become accepted for who she is in a world that may not be ready for her.
Somehow she finds a way, gaining new strength.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 10

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 10
Chapters 21-22 
By Katherine Day
Jarod enters high school, fearing the worst as he tries to assume a boy's mode.
He finds solace living parttime as a girl and in finding some friends in unusual places.
He discovers sexual feelings and confusion, too. Meanwhile, there's Jane's diary.

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