Happy New Year

Hi everyone

After all the fuss of the festive season its back to the normal drudgery. Firstly Lulu have got a stunning offer until the end of the month, 25% off! So now's a great chance to get your Gaby calendar or catch up on the books! Click here to go straight there!

25% off any of my books
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Graduated, but it isn't for me.

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Well, the day has arrived, I have finally graduated from my LPN Class, two years, however. I have figured out that it isn't for me, so I get to enjoy figuring out what I do enjoy.

that will hurt.

also A 'friend' of mine borrowed books a while back and I haven't heard from her since, I lent her like 10~20 books that I have a sinking feeling I won't ever see back...There goes another 200 or so dollars.

Gaby Book 8 - first part published

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Hi everyone

If you go to you can now obtain the first 10 chapter part of the new Gaby book, Changes.

Rather than keep you waiting until all 40 chapters are finished which might not be until late summer i thought i'd release it in smaller lumps, i think you'll like this new stuff!

Prices are  £5.99 for the dead tree version and  £3.99 for the download.

Book 8 cover



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I have now created my own TANYA ALLAN Page on AMAZON.COM. Hopefully, as I manage it, all the published books that I produce will be available to purchase here. I have already revised a few existing paperbacks and eBooks as Kindle books - RING THE CHANGE, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A SUPERHERO and AMBER ALERT (within the next 48 hours)

Find the page here > Tanya Allan's Page

The books are available in $$$ on and  £ £ £ on

Book promotion!

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Lulu are doing a special promotion again, 25% off any order!

Simply select go to Scaramouch, choose your books/calendars and in the voucher box when you check out just put 'CYBERUK', the website will then automatically make the reduction.

Its for a limited period - until the 29th November, so take advantage now and get your reading matter before Christmas!


Special offers on Gaby books!

As the holidays are nearly upon us and you all need some vacation reading matter, for a limited period - up to June 30th 2010 you can purchase selected Gaby books at up to 30% off the usual rates!

Gaby Dress Up book was  £9.99 now  £8.99 save 10%
download was  £3.99 now  £2.99 save 25%
Crossing the Line book was  £10.17 now  £8.99 save 11%
download was  £3.00 now  £2.49 save 17%
Gaby & Friends book was $14.91 now $12.99 save 15%

Trouble On Triton

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About a week ago I finished reading the science-fiction novel Trouble On Triton by Samuel Delany. I hadn't heard of it before, and only read it because I had the idea that it was about a man who turns into a woman.

Well. I wouldn't characterize the book *that* way. It doesn happen, but in the very last pages of the book.

Has anyone else read it?

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