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Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *40* Travels

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*Chapter 40*


Max had of course to help me to the car where, Mand and I took the back seat whilst Max took the spare front spot.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *25* Como Toes


Chapter *25*
Como Toes

“So how come you didn't wake sleepy up?” Mark loudly enquired of Josh.

“I had ta get Carol to move him like.”

“What for?” Geth asked.

“He snores like, I couldn't sleep, it was either him or me, so I'm sharing with Mr Bond and Drew's in his dad's room.”

“Here's sleeping beauty now.” Daz announced as I rushed into the dining room.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *24* Pfalz Start


Chapter *8.24*

Pfalz Start

As you can imagine with six teen girls on the prowl for ‘just the right' outfit things were going to get pretty um ugly! I'm not sure the fair city of Mainz had ever seen anything like my friends shopping before, they are animals!

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *23* Homecoming Queen


Chapter *8.23*

Homecoming Queen

We did make a stop near Frankfurt Airport for the necessaries and for Gloria to have a break from driving. It seemed to get brighter the closer to home we got, the sun even showed its face as we travelled up into the Westerwald, false hope however, it chucked it down when we dropped down to cross the Rhein at Koblenz!

“I'm home!” I sang out sticking my head round the kitchen door, “could someone help me with the bags?”

Silence was the loud reply so I dumped my Handtasche and went back down to where Gloria was pulling my bags out of the boot.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *20* Vows


Chapter *8.20*


As we approached the doors it was clear that a degree of stage management was going on along with a check that we were on the guest list — how weird is that? The crowd would give the occasional cheer as someone they recognised passed by along with paparazzi camera flashes.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *16* Countdown


Chapter *8.16*


Could I? Well I know that I'm not interested in boys so that should be easy enough to comply with.

“I guess so Mum.”

“And don't think I've gone soft, I haven't forgotten that €650 dress.”

“How much?”

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *12* Becks and Call


Chapter *8.12*

Becks & Call

"Where is everyone?" Dave enquired when he and Josh returned to the lounge area.

"The girls dragged Drew off upstairs," Dieter supplied, “is everything alright?”

"Looks like I'm driving back home tonight, my offspring hasn't got any riding kit, left it at home."

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *07* Bernie


Chapter *8.07*


Chapter *8.07*


Although my legal team had predicted the outcome pretty accurately when the judge handed down my sentence I still broke down — which set junior into action too. Mr Rogerson, our legal beagle hadn't tried to sugar coat the situation, it's pretty much mandatory for anyone found guilty of arson to be incarcerated, for how long — well that's the thing.

Its diff

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *05* Moving On

It has been a long break for me since writing the previous volume in the Gaby series and I hope that it's been worth the wait. Our diminutive hero(ine) gets up to all sorts this time, weddings, racing, shopping  – well the usual Gaby stuff really!

Pour a coffee, get the hankies and settle back to see what the Wunderkind gets up to next!

New Gaby book now available

Hi Everyone

I bet most of you thought i'd disapeared! Well the rumours were wrong and the results of my labours, ie Book 7 in the Gaby saga is now finished and available at a book store near you, well your web browser anyhow.

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