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Interview with a Lolita -chp5

Interview with a Lolita

Debra Wallen had expected her day to be filled with the usual drudgery of an Interns life for Fashion Blitz magazine. She never expected to be interviewing one of the world’s newest and biggest fashion designers this day. Not only was the woman a force to be reckoned with but a true mystery as well. Debra would be the first person to ever had a one on one interview with Ren Nagata. This was Debra’s big chance and she really wanted to impress her boss by coming back with an interview worthy of her trust. Little could Debra see how this one interview would affect her life or how it would influence her career.

The Parchment Chapter 18

Heart of12379719-crop.pngthe Beholden.

One. I’m Chinese. Yes I’m one of those
adopted out of China babies.

Two. I’m a girl. Well I’m a girl on the inside.

Where nobody knows...

The Parchment

Chapter 18

By Bailey Summers
Copyright© 2014 Bailey Summers
All Rights Reserved.


Image Credits: Title Picture purchased and licensed for publishing from The model in this image in no way supports nor conveys the issues and situations brought up within the story. The models use within this work is solely for the representation of looks of the main character of this particular story. ~Sephrena


It’s awhile…a long nervous while with too much water drank because on me and my stupid dry mouthed nerves and I look at Nat. “I gotta go pee, keep a look out for Alex please.”

“I will hog tie that boy if I have too.”

I do the have to pee run to the washrooms and do my business and I go to wash my hands and I actually get a hard shove from my blindside that send me stumbling.

“I told you that was her, I told you that was the little bitch that made me look bad at the Convention and on Facebook.”

I look and it’s Donna and three friends and they all look mad and bitchy and before I can say anything she slaps me in the mouth really hard and knocks me to the floor!

*And Now…

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