Her Fondest Wish 1

Ariana has two wishes. First, because she was born assigned the wrong gender, her fondest wish is that she could be a fully functioning woman with a vagina and uterus. Secondly, she wants to be a little girl because her first childhood sucked, and because her fondest kink is to be "molested" by a loving adult. In this story, she meets someone who makes both her wishes come true.

“Her Fondest Wish”
By = Sure As Elle

“All strapped in and comfortable, my dear?”

I nodded. “I’m ready, Javier.”

Why cant I just be ME?

For those of you that don't know, Let me start off by stating that I am part of the "AgePlay" or "Littles" or to segregate even more, "LG" and even "AB" communities. For those that don't know, LG stands for Little Girl, or is sometimes known as ALG = Adult Little Girl. AB on the other hand, stands for "Adult Baby".

Within the Age-play/Littles/LG community there are many segregations like LG, for those that feel older than Toddler aged, and generally don't have a need for "padding".

Li'lWorlds - A Social AgePlay MMO

Hi Everyone!

Well, things have been busy around here lately with me writing my story Aurora, and making improvements to LG Tales, but there is one project that I mentioned a couple years back, but haven't been talking about much lately (except a few), and I thought it was a good time to go about it.

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