Adult Sexual Themes

Summer Night

The metal of the drink cooler was cold against my back. Reflections of flashing police lights flashed all around me. I laid my head back and closed my eyes for a moment, listening to the rush of police officers out in the parking lot.
I took a drag from my cigarette. I could feel a trickle of blood running down my chest and into my cleavage.
The weight of the .44 magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk was familiar in my hand, but heavier somehow than it had been before. I pulled back the hammer. The click of the cylinders turning seemed loud as thunder.
I risked a glance over the top of the cooler, the glass crunching under my feet as loud as an avalanche.
Only four; I have to hurry.
I took a final drag from my cigarette, then flicked it away, trying to center myself for what I knew was coming.
How did I get here?
That made me smile a little.
How did I get here?

My Super Secret Life...Villain-14.

My Super Secret Life…Villain-14.

Chapter 14


We’re staring at each other…she’s ignoring her entourage and not willing to break the staring until I focus and focus on her eyes and I can feel that almost psi-touchy thing of this intensity coming off of her.

She’s not trying to read me but it’s more like I can feel her focus on me.

I…was going for that a little motive hidden in why I’m so focused on her eyes…I do a telekinetic brush of her lashes.

She twitches and flinches and rubs her eyes.

Then the glare when she realizes I got past her.

~You blinked. ~

“C’mon Link I’m done here. I never was one for playing with Barbies.”

“Oh…that’s a gang down here y’know.”

We’re walking and that, that made me laugh.

*And Now…………

Thanks Dad for Being There - 3 - A Weekend Away

I am sure it was a bit awkward for Dad as he went to work with no hint of his feminine side. He said it was like living in two worlds as Wanda and the office women wanted to see and know more, and others were clueless.

Dad did make the mistake of telling Wanda a week later our mom was back singing again. Wanda shared he news with Mrs. Dole the wife of the CEO. She was hosting a preholiday social for women but did not want it stuffy or dependent upon men.

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